1. Vimeo Staff Pick: PRACTICE! (2014) A short film about practice. Shot on 35mm film in Brooklyn NY. Starring - Jeremiah Director - F F Cinematographer - Kelly Jeffrey Executive Producer - Evan Prosofsky Producer - Daiva Zalnieriunas Assistant Camera - Ezra Ewen Production Assistant - Kyle Sanderson IMAX footage from ‘Michael Jordan To The Max’ (2000) Audio from Allen Iverson’s practice rant from 2002.


  2. Vimeo Staff Pick: Christopher Gray has been in love with Stacey for quite some time, and no amount of lemonade can cool his desire. Meanwhile, Barry Flint has just bought his son a five-foot python from the pet store. Written, Directed and Animated by Felix Massie Soundtrack by Joe Paine Starring Andy London, Peter Ahern, Justin Cassano, Carolyn London, Ian Miller and Erica Perez. Sound Design and Mix by Marty O’Brien Audio Post Production Facility: Fonic Executive Producer Christopher O’Reilly Produced at Nexus Productions http://ift.tt/1ebGAmm http://ift.tt/JRCGzC


  3. Interpol - Twice As Hard by Interpol


  4. Vimeo Staff Pick: Directed with Junta Director of the photography: Pierre Edelmann Set Designer: Jean-Baptiste Pierre Make-up: Julie Camus Stylist: Isabelle Bardot


  5. Vimeo Staff Pick: @adambendror http://ift.tt/1qYJmxQ Over a period of a few weeks I trained my Siamese fighting fish (betta splendens) José to jump out the water and get food off my finger. He also learnt to follow my hand as I moved it around the outside of his tank. Inspired by these interactions, the Abovemarine is a vehicle that enables José, or any other fish to roam on the land freely. This small freedom allows him to Interact with other species including humans and small animals. José is able to successfully navigate around a room, as he swims backwards (stopping the Abovemarine) before hitting obstacles. The Abovemarine is not fish freedom. It is not a product and it is not for fish to live in (and they don’t). José and the Abovemarine engage our interest in the beauty and intelligence of these creatures. We are encouraged to ask questions that challenge our preconceived notions about fish and other living creatures. “Does the fish have intention?”, “Does the fish understand what he is doing?”, “Do fish have memories?”. The Abovemarine moves using Omni Wheels, allowing it to travel in any direction without first having to turn. Without this mechanism, the tank would get stuck in a feedback loop, spinning in a circle every time José, who moves relative to the tank, swam left or right. José’s movement is tracked using a camera and computer vision. While the Abovemarine was developed independently, I have since been made aware of Ken Rinaldo’s Augmented Fish Reality (2004) and Garnet Hertz’s Cockroach Controlled Mobile Robot (2004).