1. Vimeo Staff Pick: Commissioned By Dazed for CH4. http://ift.tt/1i51gre Soap The Stamps explores UK Hardcore, a resolutely underground, DIY movement that distilled punk to it’s rawest and angriest essence and exploded throughout the country in the mid 1980s. The film captures several of the regional scenes where hardcore flourished in different shapes and forms throughout the 80’s - including Ipswich, Bristol and Newport. We explore the importance of the DIY underground network of tape trading, zines and DIY shows, and hear about the vital role John Peel played in championing such extreme music to a wider audience. Finally we follow the evolution of the sound of hardcore, from it’s anarcho-punk influenced beginnings to it’s later US influenced forms. http://ift.tt/1odPIt4


  2. You are not a storyteller - Stefan Sagmeister @ FITC by FITC


  3. Vimeo Staff Pick: This is my graduate project in ‘Graphic Design’ at the HIT college in Israel. My thesis is that nothing is original, therefore, none of the materials presented in the project were made by me. All of the 469 photos used in this video were taken out of Google’s image bank. Making of - www.not-mine.com Facebook Page - http://ift.tt/1pbiWoXwww.not-mine.com Facebook Page - http://ift.tt/1pbiWoX


  4. Vimeo Staff Pick: In April 2014, Stefan, Clemens & I went on yet another journey with our trusted Defender, this time from Istanbul, passing the Black Sea Coast, to the vastness of Eastern Anatolia, then returning over otherworldly Cappadocia and enjoying the sun at the Turquoise Coast. In Short: all over Turkey with it’s beautiful landscapes and wonderful people in 4 weeks. Thanks, Turkey, for for a memorable adventure! Directed by: Vincent Urban Filmed by: Clemens Krüger & Vincent Urban Edit, Sound Design, Color: Vincent Urban Filmed with Canon 5D Mark III and GoPro Hero 3. Music: Olafur Arnalds - “Only The Winds” Under license by Nettwerk Music Group and Universal Music See the other travel clips here: In South America: vimeo.com/53673455 In Oman: vimeo.com/95308951 In Morocco: vimeo.com/73605534 In New England: vimeo.com/79436324 In New York: vimeo.com/50631254 In South-East Asia: vimeo.com/22714098


  5. Vimeo Staff Pick: The medium of Ajay Malghan’s photography is food but—hold up, hold up—we know that your Instagram feed is filled with filtered images of half-eaten falafel sandwiches and spicy tuna rolls. We understand, we do, and we feel for you. But Malghan’s photography explores the myriad worlds of food’s complexity hiding just beyond its seeming simplicity. For instance, an orange. Everyone knows what an orange looks like, right? But Malghan’s lens toys with the orange until the orange is not an orange but, rather, a curious image of playful ambiguity. There are many people dancing. Wildfires. And all the things that only you will see. Dark Rye is an online magazine from Whole Foods Market. See more at www.darkrye.com Follow us on Twitter http://ift.tt/Le9Mf2 and Instagram http://ift.tt/1gLspB5www.darkrye.com Follow us on Twitter http://ift.tt/Le9Mf2 and Instagram http://ift.tt/1gLspB5