1. Vimeo Staff Pick: This film took 300,000 photos, riots, wildfires, paintings in abandoned houses, two years and zero graphics to make. It changed my entire life. Digital downloads available at http://ift.tt/1qFkZaR Circle of Abstract Ritual began as an exploration of the idea that creation and destruction might be the same thing. The destruction end of that thought began in earnest when riots broke out in my neighborhood in Anaheim, California, 2012. I immediately climbed onto my landlord’s roof without asking and began recording the unfolding events. The news agencies I contacted had no idea what to do with time lapse footage of riots, which was okay with me because I had been thinking about recontextualizing news as art for some time. After that I got the bug. I chased down wildfires, walked down storm drains on the L.A. River and found abandoned houses where I could set up elaborate optical illusion paintings. The illusion part of the paintings are not an end in themselves in my work. They’re an intimation of things we can’t physically detect; a way to get an ever so slight edge on the unknowable. Early in the process I mapped out a very interconnected narrative structure. It took a long time to fill that narrative structure in, and when I finished editing the film after seven solid weeks of being holed up in a dark room I had no idea if it was something anyone would want to watch. I almost cut the film into pieces before realizing that outside influences were pressuring me to make that decision, and that I was happy with it as it was. It took a long time to come to the creation side of the original premise. It finally took form in a collaboration with sculptor, Steve Shigley, as well as 15 amazing volunteers who moved full sized tree sculptures 450 times over two nights to create the stop motion climax of the film (see the behind the scenes film, Story of Abstract Ritual for the tale of their monumental effort: http://ift.tt/XpJood). The idea I wanted to explore was the creation of culture as a conscious creative act, but without the trappings of dogma from institutions or even from ways of thinking. The circle of inverted trees became a small piece of the world with personal meaning where I could mark significant events, contemplate and reflect. That circle still stands, and I still visit it regularly. Several people who have been there have told me that it’s come to mean something special for them as well. They each have their own fascinating way of interpreting the power inherent in those trees. This film is art for the sake of art. It was made with much generosity, from the people who let me crash on their couches to the people who backed the Kickstarter. To all of those people, thank you. This would not have been possible without your help.


  2. Vimeo Staff Pick: I am in no way even attempting to assume that I know anything about the political/social realities at play in the world at the moment, but it seems as though violence breeds more violence. The people who changed the world, were the ones who laid down their arms - chose to forgive - to restore - to love - people like Jesus, Mandela, Ghandi, Martin Luther King. Just before Martin Luther King was assassinated he preached the sermon ‘I’ve been to the Mountaintop’ on April 3rd, 1968. Its a profund account of hope and amidst the despair - where he considers the importance and relevance of being born into the turmoil and unrest of the twentieth century. His outlook provides unique context for pain and suffering as he says ‘only when it is dark enough can you see the stars’ He goes on to say; ‘Men for years now have been talking about war and peace. But now no longer can they just talk about it. It is no longer a choice between violence and nonviolence in this world; it’s nonviolence or nonexistence. That is where we are today.’ He modeled a way of non-violence - and it cost him his life. Inspired by his words one night I cut together this clip using old archive footage from the Prelinger Archives - those words are as poignant today as they were back when he first spoke it - if not more (for me personally at least).


  3. Vimeo Staff Pick: The official music video for “Say My Name” by ODESZA from the album ‘In Return’ directed by Ian Pons Jewell starring Stephanie Hunt. Directed by Ian Pons Jewell http://ift.tt/WlH4xZ http://ift.tt/T7Irez Stephanie Hunt http://ift.tt/1xjeHkX ODESZA - In Return – Out September 9, 2014 CD/LP/WAV: http://bit.ly/InReturn iTunes: http://bit.ly/ODESZAiT Amazon: http://bit.ly/ODESZAAZ Follow ODESZA on: Facebook: http://bit.ly/ODESZAFB Twitter: http://bit.ly/ODESZATW Instagram: http://bit.ly/ODESZAIG Spotify: http://bit.ly/ODESZASP YouTube: http://bit.ly/ODESZAYT SoundCloud: http://bit.ly/ODESZASC http://odesza.com http://ift.tt/1pEcElz Lyrics: I wanna go So what’d you say When you gonna let me know If you give a damn about me ‘Cause you got my hands tied In my defense I always fall for confidence And your compliments look good on me Cause nobody knows it better than the girl in the corner with the scarlet letter And while you’re watching you may think that she doesn’t matter But no one knows you better I wanna dance I wanna dance I wanna dance with you So take a chance take a chance Oh yeah I need a sign or a signal I’ve overthought everything I can think of Into symbol I need the coat and your jacket And the remnants of your cigarette packet I wanna go So what’d you say When you gonna let me know If you give a damn about me ‘Cause you got my hands tied In my defense I always fall for confidence And your compliments look good on me Cause nobody knows it better than the girl in the corner with the scarlet letter and while you’re watching you think that she doesn’t matter but no one knows you better I wanna dance I wanna dance I wanna dance with you So take a chance take a chance Oh yeah


  4. Vimeo Staff Pick: A STEREOSCREEN PRODUCTION This is a short, but very intimate portrait of Alex Zanardi, the former Formula 1 driver and winner of the American Champ Car Series. Alex was already a star, when he had his almost fatal accident at the Lausitzring in Germany. He lost his legs, but not his attitude. Alex Zanardi came back and did the impossible: He won races in the World Touring Car Championship, two gold medals at the Paralympics in London 2012 and just recently added two more hand bike world titles! It was a unique experience to spend a day with a true hero at his house in Padua, talking about his life and joining him for a training session with his hand bike. His last words in our film describe him best. But see for yourself… AGENCY // STEREOSCREEN DIRECTOR // TIM HAHNE EDIT & GRADING // JULIUS JACOBY DoP // THOMAS NÖSNER MUSIC // TONY ANDERSON PRODUCER BMW // MARC THIESBUERGER PRODUCTION // STEREOSCREEN


  5. Vimeo Staff Pick: Court-métrage d’animation de fin d’études (promotion 2014). Réalisateurs : Janis AUSSEL, Elsa BOYER, Marie-Pierre DEMESSANT, Dorian LEE, Laurent MOING, Guitty MOJABI, Aron BOTHMAN Synopsis : L’harmonie d’un duo d’acrobates est brisée par la décision d’un des membres de débuter une carrière solo. Elles montent malgré tout une dernière fois sur scène, unies sous la lumière des projecteurs. A duo of acrobats go onstage one last time, united under the spotlights even as their harmony backstage is broken. Contact Production : GOBELINS, l’école de l’image : Moïra Marguin, mmarguin@gobelins.fr. Contact Festival : GOBELINS, l’école de l’image : Luce Grosjean, film@gobelins.fr. Distribution : La distribution des films produits par GOBELINS, l’école de l’image est assurée par L’Agence du court métrage. Contact : f.keller@agencecm.com.