1. Vimeo Staff Pick: Timelapse of the Lunar Eclipse that took place April 15th 2014. Shot on 2 5D Mark III cameras using Canon lenses and a RED Epic with a 300-1200mm Canon Century zoom lens that is used on IMAX cameras. Motion control was done using an eMotimo TB3 and the Dynamic Perception Stage Zero track. Music: 2001: A Space Odyssey Twitter: Drew599 Website: 599productions.com


  2. Vimeo Staff Pick: It has been just over a year since Mr Kaplin made the move to London and she has been pretty good to us. This Christmas we thought it would be nice to give a little back. Here is a little short made with a lot of love. If you enjoy the short, please make a small donation Shelter’s Christmas Emergency Appeal. You can find out more about this cause or donate directly at: http://ift.tt/UFZFiM http://ift.tt/1g8wlsM Direction, Design & Animation: MR KAPLIN Music Company : ECHOLAB Composers : Tobias Norberg, Gavin Little Sound Design : Joe McHugh, Gavin Little A BIG thank you to ECHOLAB. www.mrkaplin.com http://echolab.tvwww.mrkaplin.com http://echolab.tv


  3. Vimeo Staff Pick: Alex Gray stands tall in hydraulic vortices all around the world. Created By: Mike Nulty Music by: Tame Impala “Half Full Glass of Wine”


  4. Vimeo Staff Pick: In an age with instant communication at your fingertips and digital marketing on every platform, there are those who still get out messages the old-fashioned way, with a paintbrush and some attitude. They call themselves “wall dogs,” says one veteran of the trade, “because we are chained to a wall all day by our safety harness, and we work like dogs.” Vocativ spent a day with these blue-collar artists as they paint advertisements high above the streets of New York City.


  5. Johnson & Johnson by MRfrukta®